How to Download MP3 from YouTube?

How to Download MP3 from YouTube?

When we share suggestions to listen to a song, the first thing that comes to mind is YouTube channel. Neither Radio 1 nor Spotify are as renowned as YouTube. YouTube is a video service from Google Corporation publicized as a brand new website for video surfing. Not only for music but for several kinds of stuff, YouTube has become the first choice for the videos. It could be a dance video, funny compilation, a short movie, etc. YouTube offers the users to create their channel where you can showcase your talent.

How to Download MP3 from YouTube

But when it comes to Music, every other online music stations fails in front of YouTube as it provide high definition videos with the quality of music in an efficient time. Where else a person would like to go when YouTube is the best option on the internet. The songs and music which are not are available on websites are available on this video surfing giant. But how would you add that song in your song playlist if it is available only on YouTube in a video format? If you cannot find an MP3 format of a song that liked so much, you must be frustrated by listening to it on YouTube continuously.

 But wait you can download the song from YouTube as well. Yes, you read it right that you can download the song from YouTube in MP3 format within seconds. You can convert the MP4 files to Mp3 with online software and generate a download link for the audio file. With some countable steps, you will be able to download the song from YouTube. If you are clueless about the process, then follow the steps and add a new song into your song playlist.

How to download an MP3 from YouTube

  1. Go to YouTube and play the video song you want to download.
  2. Now copy its URL
  3. Google search YouTube to mp3 converter and open any site which able to convert.
  4. Now, past the URL in the given blank.
  5. You can adjust the settings if options are provided.
  6. You could be prompted to add tags which optional.
  7. Select convert to MP3.
  8. Click Convert to begin the process.
  9. Now, wait until the conversion is complete.
  10. A Download link will generate automatically.
  11. Click the Download button and play your favorite song.

YouTube is undoubtedly a giant for video surfing as it has all songs in MP4 format which can be downloaded into your device. The availability of the songs in there makes it more unique and reliable. Though there is no direct download link for MP3 is provided, you can download the video format as well or else you can prefer the third party site or software to download the song. All you need to copy and paste the URL, and there you go. You are ready to listen to your favorite songs anytime anywhere.

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