How to Disable Local Services in Mac?

How to Disable Local Services in Mac?

An over the top feature in MacOS High Sierra, location tracker, sounds a little suspicious, but Apple Corporation has rolled it out with a name Significant Locations. The Location Services is available on other iOS devices as well, it is enabled by default. The service allows tracking of location. But the user may not want to reveal the current location and want some privacy. Apple has acknowledged this fact and provided an option to turn it off.

How to Disable Local Services in Mac

Like iOS devices use GPS location, Mac laptop will also track the place once connected with internet service. This feature is helpful for those who travel from place to place. Apple said that the location tracker collects the data which can be used by other applications as it is useful location-related information. Applications like Calendar, Map, and Weather Report will need the location information to provide the essential knowledge about the locations or weather.

Significant Locations can be more helpful to a user because it gives suggestions for places to eat or places to shop, all concerning the location data collected in time. It might be unsettling for some of the users, hence they can disable or limit the feature to restrict the service to collect any information. The process is a little lengthy, but following steps carefully will help you disable the feature.

Steps to disable the local services in Mac

  1. Click to open Apple icon and select System
  2. From the System Preferences window, click Security &
  3. Click on Privacy tab from upper toolbar.
  4. From the bottom left corner in Privacy section, select Click the lock to make changes.
  5. You will be prompted to enter username and password.
  6. Enter username and
  7. Now uncheck Enable Location Services option .
  8. Click Turn
  9. Scroll down to System Services and click the Detail
  10. Now a box will appear asking for the changes.
  11. Change if you want to and then, click
  12. Close System

These are the steps to disable the local service in MacOS but remember that the applications will prompt you to enable the service whenever you launch them. The applications, as a result, might not work correctly. But if you have decided to keep the location services disabled, then there will not be a problem.

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